What does "Backed By Recur" mean

Backed By Recur is an exclusive program that unlocks ‘CAPS’ — capital, advisory, partnerships, and sales — for your business as per the stage of the growth journey you’re in. We are here to help save you both time and money. Here’s what happens in the program:

The Goal

Backed By Recur’s main objective is to assist startups in becoming truly successful and prepare for what’s next. Our goal with the exclusively-designed program is to help them be in dramatically better shape a few months later. What do we mean when we say better shape? For the majority of the businesses we work with, better shape translates into three things:  to have a better product with more users, to have more options for raising money, and to have more strategic partnerships.

Startups at all stages benefit from Backed By Recur’s passion. The program can possibly best be described by that word. It’s all about supporting the startup in their growth journey in whatever way we can. Our team of growth partners is motivated to help your business. And that kind of extraordinary motivation is what one needs to do something as difficult as scaling a startup. We truly believe that when founders get the right support to move the world forward, that’s when progress becomes inevitable. That’s when you know you are ‘Backed By Recur’.

Our Purple Gospel

Founders First

We obsess about making our founders successful

Community Is King

By developing each other, we build leaders that define the future

Give Back

It’s not a zero-sum game — when all give back to the community, all receive more

The Execution


Strategic Partnerships Via Invite-Only Founder Events

1 out of 5 B2B and consumer companies find their next strategic partner at our Breakfast With Founders offline series — a monthly event where we give founders a space to be vulnerable, discuss the challenges they are currently facing, and get advice on effective strategies they can implement to overcome them. Talks are strictly off the record to encourage candour, because the inside story of most startups is more colourful than the one presented later to the public.

CFO Meetups

Once a month we host a 1-day retreat where we invite eminent CFOs from the startup world. The retreat gives CFOs the opportunity to get to know each other, their growth partners, and the Recur team.

Building In Bharat

Our flagship panel discussions see leaders making a mark in the SaaS space. Get an opportunity to receive actionable insights and GTM strategies to navigate the macroeconomic challenges and network with our 500+ founders community.

Product Suite

Completely reimagine how you manage your finances and get in front of your customers with our trifecta of products:

1) Insights

Remove guesswork from your financial growth and drive your strategy with powerful AI insights with Recur Insights that helps auto-generate smart financial statements and important graphs to reveal your hidden metrics and enables you to take important decisions.

2) Primary Benchmarks

Access industry benchmarks that will set you up for success against thousands of similar businesses with Primary Benchmarks and discover the metrics you really need to focus upon in order to drive your company’s success.

3) Deal Chest

Increase your conversions by listing your product alongside 200+ world-leading tools worth $500k such as Hubspot, Shopify, Notion, Slack, Freshworks, AWS and access exclusive deals.


Efficient capital stack designed to meet all stages of your growth journey so you meet your financing needs in a ‘smarter, not harder’ way. Backed By Recur startups are eligible for:

1. Recur Revenue Exchange Program: We offer non-dilutive debt capital in 48 hours to early-stage and growing startups

2. Recur Raise Program: Growth-stage startups can unlock access to equity and early-stage startups are eligible for grant and 1:1 support.

PR & Marketing

Getting positive press in the early days is helpful and makes your investors feel more confident. We assist startups with media announcements in marquee publications such as Times of India, Economic Times, INC42 and more along with cross promotional marketing, social media marketing, etc.


Recruiting your earliest team members is one of the hardest things. We help you get the right talent in the door by partnering with the leading HR-Tech firms.