Sustainable finance scheme

Ministry of Finance

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The scheme develops the entire value chain of energy efficiency (EE)/ cleaner production (CP) and sustainable development projects that lead to necessary improvements in EE/ CP/ sustainable development in the MSMEs that presently not covered under the viable financing lines of credit.

Eligibility Criteria

· Renewable energy projects like solar power plants, wind energy generators, mini hydel power projects, biomass gasifier power plants, etc. for captive/ non- captive

· Any potential CP investments that include waste management

· Suitable assistance to OEMs that manufactures energy efficient/ cleaner production/ green machinery/ equipment. Either theOEM must bean MSME, or it has to be supplying its products to a substantial number of MSMEs


Suitable assistance using term loan or working capital is granted to the ESCOs that implements EE/ CP/ Renewable EnergyProject. To be eligible for this grant, the ESCO must be an MSME or otherwise the unit to which it renders its services has to be an MSME.