Benefits of Recur Club Financing

February 20, 2023
Keka HR, the leading HR tech platform, raised $1.6 million non-dilutive growth capital through Recur Club, in 2021 to fund its growth. Recur Club proved to be a long-term growth partner for Keka as it helped unlock dilution free growth capital within days vis-a-vis the traditional financing. Since then, Keka has seen exponential growth and raised India’s largest series A SaaS funding of $57 million to enhance its offerings and strengthen customer support. 
To thrive and scale, you need the right type of capital infusion at the right time. However, not all funding options are equal. Thus, you must make the right choice by first understanding that your growth capital should enable you to grow and not burden you with investor requirements. There are different kinds of funding available that you can choose based on the stage of your business  and growth plans.
Recur Club financing (RCF) is a funding option that is becoming popular among start-ups that require instant cash in the bank for their working capital requirements.

What is Recur Club Financing?

Recur Club is Asia's largest revenue exchange enabling organisations to trade their future revenue streams for upfront growth capital. Companies can raise up to 50% of their ARR within 48 hours without equity dilution or obligation of restrictive debt. Institutional capital providers like NBFCs, banks and debt funds bid for your cash flow streams ensuring you always get the best price.

Benefits Of Recur Club Financing:

Instant Cash in bank : 

With RCF, you don’t dilute your ownership or agree to restrictive financial covenants for obtaining the necessary funding. You can access your future revenue within 48 hours without the hassle of debt agreements or waiting for approval from investors. Recur Club financing is fast, hassle-free and more accessible than the other financing options that are available in the market as it allows you to trade your future revenue streams and get capital anytime you need.

Access to large scale Institutional capital providers : 

With Recur Club, founders have access to multiple NBFCs, banks and debt funds on the platform. By leveraging our cutting-edge AI-ML underwriting engine, we are able to quickly and accurately summarise the financial information of your company and present it to a diverse range of institutional capital providers. Through a competitive bidding process, these providers then vie for the opportunity to invest in your cash flow streams, ensuring that you receive the most favourable terms possible.

Ecosystem Benefits: 

With Recur Club, we provide founders with benefits beyond just funding. You get access to our broad network of 1500+ mentors and thought-leaders who can share valuable insights on marketing, logistics and guidance on tackling hurdles in company growth. We also provide access to business intelligence and optimization tools to help you evaluate your company’s growth and performance.

Dilution-Free Financing :

VCs are a popular funding source for businesses looking to expand their markets or delve into new markets. In exchange for the capital provided by them, VCs take control of your business ownership thus diluting the founder’s stake in the business that they build. 
As a founder, your focus may waiver in keeping the investors content rather than growing the business. With RCF, on the other hand, there is no dilution, and you retain full ownership of your company - Recur Club believes in being a founder to every founder.

Explore non-dilutive sources with Recur Club today to finance up to 50% of your annual recurring revenue within 48 hours.