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Completely reimagine how you manage your finances

Recur Insights help auto-generate smart financial statements and important graphs and benchmarks to reveal your hidden metrics and enables you to take important decisions.

Generate Financials Statement in minutes

Save 100’s of hours with AI generated Smart Financial Statements, Aggregate Data from sources like Tally, Bank Accounts, GST etc. Stay on top of your business or share with investors on a click of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Recur Club?

Recur is a revolutionary marketplace that facilitates financing for companies to raise growth capital without restrictive debt or equity dilution. Recur allows companies to transform their recurring revenue streams into upfront capital instantly and get on-demand cash flow on the click of a button.

How does financing on Recur Club work?

Once companies connect their existing systems, Recur approves a financing limit within 48 hours. Companies will see their financing limit, portfolio of the revenue streams, and real-time upfront price for their annualized recurring revenue streams. Investors can access recurring revenue streams based on their risk parameters and investment strategy.

Is Recur Club right for my company?

If you have recurring revenue and are looking for accelerated growth - Recur is for you. Recur provides you with a flexible financing option allowing you to raise capital whenever you need it. There’s no cost to join, no obligation to raise capital, and no restrictions on the use of this capital. Ready to get started? Let's discuss how Recur can benefit your company, contact us.

Is my company eligible for Recur Club?

Recur accepts companies with ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) greater than US$ 50k and has been incorporated for more than 1 year. We work with companies of all sizes from bootstrapped to publicly traded. We look for a history of good financial performance along with predictable cash flow.

Do I need to inform my customers about Recur Club?

No. To your customers, Recur doesn’t exist. Your customers will not experience any change in the manner they are billed, and everything will run as before.

Does Recur support companies with operations outside of India?

Yes, as long as you have an Indian subsidiary and an Indian bank account we can work with you. We would love to help you determine if you are eligible, contact us.

Is there any restriction on the use of capital?

Recur never restricts how you use this capital. Recur provides you an opportunity to use your money and grow your business, on your own terms, and using your own judgment.

Can I use Recur Club, if I am already using other types of financing?

You are free to avail financing on Recur in place of, or even in addition to, existing financings. We would love to discuss how Recur can help your company, contact us.

How is Recur Club different from other financing options?

Unlike conventional financing options, Recur offers a non-dilutive, flexible, collateral-free, without personal guarantee alternative for growth capital. With Recur, it’s as if all of your monthly, quarterly, half-yearly customers paid you upfront, instantly.

Is Recur a loan or a deposit?

No, it's not a loan, cash advance, or revenue-based financing product. We provide a platform to finance using your contracted revenue streams. Still have questions contact us.

What are the benefits of Recur Insights?

Financial data has always been clumsy. Recur Insights helps you sort it out. With Recur Insights you can derive actual analytics out of your financial data and convert it into actions to improve your business perormance. Recur Insights enables you to easily manage all your business metrics in one place. You can see your most important KPIs like growth rates, churn rates, runway or CAC payback at one glance and dig deeper into each one of them to find out more.Insights also enables you to compare your business financials with industry benchmarks and find the missing pieces on where your business needs your attention and how you can get more out of your business.

What Metrics can I see in Recur Insights?

Insights dashboard comprises of all the metrics that are crucial for your business, From your top line to your bottom line, Recur Insights covers them all along with your  cash metrics as well. We also cover all the crucial Recurring Revenue Metrics which are The lifeline for a subscription-based business. Available at your fingertips, so your data is available when you need it.

What Data Sources can I integrate with Recur Insights?

In order to derive maximum value from Insights it’s important to ensure that all your Data is up to date giving you the most latest picture of your business. We support multiple Tech Integration, you can easily integrate your Tech Stack for hassle free Data upload.

1. Invoicing ( Quickbook, Zoho & Tally )
2. MIS ( Quickbook, Zoho & Tally )
3. Bank Statement - Set up auto forward

Note: - In case you do not use any of above Tech Stack please upload your Raw Data files here in order to keep your Insights up to date