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Origin, Use Case and Relevance for Large Companies | The Recur Scale Handbook

Scaling a large business is hard, and securing the capital to fuel such operations is harder. 

The competitive landscape and economic volatility complicate investment decisions, making it challenging to secure favourable terms from potential investors. 

And let’s not forget. Choosing a capital offer for large funds has its own set of problems - 

  • Lengthy paperwork and multiple applications due to numerous lenders 
  • Time wasted in finding the most suitable lenders
  • Complexity of finalising and raising the best capital offers

This is where Recur Scale steps in. 

Recur Scale helps you cut through the clutter to discover, compare and select secured debt offers from over 100 trusted institutional lenders in India, eliminating your hassle of chasing down individual lenders. 

All in one place.

Think of us as your extended CFO office as we help you access the best funding offers for your business.

Is Recur Scale Made For Your Business?

Recur Scale isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. 

It's built for ambitious matured businesses in SaaS, tech services, B2B marketplaces, D2C, EV, IoT, manufacturing, educational institutions and more. 

Maybe you're eyeing expansion into new markets, investing in groundbreaking R&D, or undertaking a strategic long-term project. Whatever your vision, we can provide the large capital you need to implement such expansion strategies.  

Why Choose Recur Scale?

Recur Scale goes beyond simply offering debt financing. We equip you with the expertise needed to make informed financial decisions. Experience the difference with

  • Suitable lender matchmaking that is relevant to your industry
  • Offers from multiple lenders on a single platform
  • Our advisory to guide you and select the best term sheets

Credit Offerings

Our portfolio includes a variety of credit offerings so you can address all your capital needs on 1 single platform.

Recur Scale includes term loan, working capital loan, overdraft, venture debt, bill discounting, cash credit, operating lease, vendor financing, bank guarantee, acquisition financing, PO financing and loan against property.

Funding Details

Recur Scale is designed to be your one-stop shop for securing large debt capital.

  • Cash in bank within 3 weeks
  • Interest rates starting at a low 9% p.a.
  • Raise up to ₹100 Crore
  • Long repayment tenures of up to 5 years 

How Has Recur Scale Backed Real Startups?

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Is Your Business Made For Recur Scale?

To ensure Recur Scale is the perfect fit for your company, we do have a few eligibility requirements:

  • Minimum annual revenue of ₹40 Cr to showcase a solid financial foundation and growth potential
  • At least 6 months of runway to indicate a clear and comfortable financial path
  • Existing external debt no more than 40% of your ARR
  • A minimum net worth of ₹4 Crores to depict financial stability

Application process

  • Sign up at
  • Link your GST and upload bank statements.
  • Receive offers from lenders suited for your business.
  • Select the best debt offer with a dedicated capital expert.

We understand how taxing it can be to take a business to new heights. And we are interested in helping you secure the capital you need to make it happen. Are you? 

Book a Call with a Recur Club expert to discuss how Recur Scale can help you achieve your funding. Let's turn your vision into reality, together.

Shreya Mehra