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Origin, Use Case and Relevance for Startups | The Recur Swift Handbook

Bank and NBFC loans to startups were down over 80% in 2023. 

This stark decline highlights a broader challenge within the startup ecosystem.

The traditional financial system does not align well with today's startups, defined by innovative models, rapidly growing trajectories, unique value, and working capital requirements.

We saw the frustrations of many startup founders firsthand as they couldn't align with traditional institutions because of 4 primary reasons - 

  • Complexities due to collateral limitations for SaaS & Tech.
  • Lack of transparency due to hidden covenants.
  • Possibilities of reduced ownership and control due to equity dilution offers.
  • Time wasted due to multiple lender negotiations for months.

So, we created Recur Swift. 

Recur Swift is a modern take on cash flow discounting designed for the fast-paced world of high-growth startups. 

We provide revenue-based financing by underwriting and monitoring cash flows to analyze forward-looking metrics such as churn rates, runway, and revenue growth instead of just historical financials and what you own on paper.

Recur Swift values everything traditional financing institutions don't. 


Our capital consultants guide and break down everything for you, from understanding your debt term sheets to helping you select the most suited capital offer. 


With 1 single application and term sheets that take only 48 hours after data completion, you get capital worth up to 30% of your ARR within a week. 


We provide a quicker, paperwork-free, more adaptable, and digitally efficient process, prioritizing ease while ensuring data confidentiality. Our revenue-based financing model eliminates the complexity common to traditional financing. 

This means better, quicker and more honest capital that addresses the fundamental disconnect between traditional financing mechanisms and the needs of new-age startups.

Is Recur Swift Made For Your Startup?

Recur Swift is a revenue-based financing option for founders building innovative companies in industries like SaaS, Tech Services, B2B Marketplaces, and beyond (think Health Tech, E-commerce, D2C, and the list goes on!). 

Whether you need to fill working capital gaps, address marketing expenses, or optimize customer acquisition costs, Recur Swift offers a financing solution designed for your specific needs. 

Why Choose Recur Swift?

Recur Swift's revenue-based financing model is perfect for startups as it cuts through long waiting times and provides access to capital, fast. 

Experience the difference with 

  • Access to debt capital and unsecured loans, which traditionally didn’t exist
  • A term sheet in 48 hours and funds in 5 days
  • Transparency with no hidden charges or collateral requirements
  • A non-dilutive capital boost
  • Complete funding execution and debt capital advisory

Funding Details

Recur Swift caters to your startup's financial needs with flexible funding options:

  • Injection of capital of up to 30% of your ARR to scale without sacrificing equity
  • Capital offers range from INR 25 Lakhs to 10 Crores
  • Interest rates start at a competitive 16% p.a.
  • Flexible repayment tenures between 3 and 18 months 

How Recur Swift Backed Real Startups?

  • Wellversed - 2X Revenue Growth in 1 Year
  • MoveInSync - Achieving +ve EBITDA
  • Freightify - 3x Monthly Turnover
  • Xoxoday - Increased Revenue by 20%
  • WeVois - 200% Revenue Growth

Is Your Startup Made For Recur Swift?

To qualify for Recur Swift, there are a few key criteria that your startup must meet:

  • At least 1 year of operation (vintage) to showcase a solid foundation.
  • A minimum annual revenue of INR 5 Cr to indicate a healthy & growing business model.
  • A cash runway of at least 3 months to reflect viability and future potential.

Recur Swift can be a powerful revenue-based financing tool to address your capital needs if your startup meets these benchmarks.

Application process

  • Sign up at
  • Link your GST and upload bank statements.
  • Get your Term Sheet in 48 Hours.

We know the relentless drive it takes to build a groundbreaking startup. And we are interested in helping you take it to the next level, are you? 

Book a Call with a Recur Club expert to discuss how Recur Swift’s revenue-based financing can help you achieve your funding goals. Let's turn your vision into reality, together.

Shreya Mehra