Press Release

Recur Club & InCred To Disburse ₹300 Crores For Startup Growth Beyond Traditional Funding

Recur Club, India's largest debt marketplace, and InCred, a leading unicorn fintech platform, are partnering to disburse INR 300 crores in 2024. This collaboration will offer early and mid-stage startups and SMEs in India quick, efficient debt financing, improving access to capital for high-growth companies.

Empowering Startups & SMEs

By the end of 2023, Recur Club and InCred have successfully disbursed over INR 200 crores in debt capital, supporting the growth of numerous new-age Indian startups and SMEs. The target for 2024 is even more ambitious, with a planned disbursement of INR 300 crores across various sectors, including:

  1. SaaS
  2. Tech Services
  3. B2B Marketplaces
  4. D2C
  5. Logistics

Recur Club and InCred have set out to bridge the funding gap for early and mid-stage startups in India by offering tailored financing structures. Together, they are committed to democratising access to capital, ensuring that founders can secure the necessary funds to drive their businesses forward.

Advanced Underwriting & Analytical Insights

Recur Club's advanced capital journey and industry-leading underwriting process enable lenders to make informed decisions. By leveraging a diverse database and advanced analytical reports, Recur Club provides valuable insights that help InCred customise products for different companies. This collaboration ensures that businesses receive financing tailored to their unique needs and growth trajectories.

Founders’ Insight

Eklavya Gupta, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Recur Club, highlights the significant potential of this partnership:

"The fintech landscape in India is witnessing explosive growth. We aim to take a step toward democratising access to capital. Both Recur Club and InCred share a deep commitment to financial inclusion for businesses that might otherwise fall through the cracks of traditional funding models.”

Emphasising on the benefits of Recur Club's advanced underwriting process, Nishith Maheshwari, Head of Digital Business Loans and RBF at InCred, says:

"With Recur Club's advanced underwriting process and a diverse database of high-growth companies across sectors, we have seen a significant increase in lead flow. This fosters growth and innovation in the startup ecosystem, enabling founders to focus on building their businesses without the traditional fundraising constraints."

Funding Structures

Recur Club's underwriting process evaluates businesses based on critical factors such as:

  1. Revenue Predictability
  2. Growth
  3. Customer Churn Rate
  4. Payment history

This analysis helps determine customised financing limits, which are then matched with InCred's precise loan solutions, including term loans and customised credit.

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