Frequently Asked Questions

What is Recur Club?

Recur Club is Asia's largest revenue exchange enabling organisations to trade their future revenue streams for upfront growth capital. Companies can raise up to 50% of their ARR within 48 hours without equity dilution or obligation of restrictive debt. Institutional capital providers like NBFCs, banks and debt funds bid for your cash flow streams ensuring you always get the best priceOur community of 1500+ founders backed by Recur Club enjoy ecosystem benefits and access to a network of industry experts and investors.

How does financing on Recur Club work?

Here are three simple steps involved for easy onboarding and instant financing:

Sign up: To make an account on Recur Club, you'll need to provide a few company details such as your CIN, PAN, and GSTIN.

Sync data: To obtain your trading limit, connect your finance and subscription manager and sync your data.

Raise capital: When you need capital, trade contracts! As your company grows, your financing limit grows with you.

Is my company eligible for Recur Club?

Recur Club works with companies which meet the following criteria:
Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR): $100,000 to $50M.
Vintage:  > 1 year
Runway: > 3 month

Do I need to inform my customers about Recur Club?

No. To your customers, Recur Club doesn’t exist. Your customers will not experience any change in the manner they are billed, and everything will run as before.

Does Recur support companies with operations outside of India?

Yes, as long as you have an Indian subsidiary and an Indian bank account we can work with you. We would love to help you determine if you are eligible, contact us.

Is there any restriction on the use of capital?

Recur Club does not limit how you utilize the capital raised on the platform. It allows you to manage your money and expand your business on your terms.

Can I use Recur Club, if I am already using other types of financing?

You are free to avail financing on Recur Club in place of, or even in addition to, existing financings. We would love to discuss how Recur Club can help your company, contact us.

How is Recur Club different from other financing options?

By leveraging our cutting-edge AI-ML underwriting engine, Recur Club is able to quickly and accurately summarise the financial information of your company and present it to a diverse range of institutional capital providers. Through a competitive bidding process, these providers then vie for the opportunity to invest in your cash flow streams ensuring you get the best price

Is Recur a loan or a deposit?

Recur Club is much better than a loan due to the following reasons:

- No warrants and hence purely non-dilutive growth capital
- Fastest way to cash in bank (trade limits within 48 hrs of getting the data)
- No personal guarantee and no collaterals (we value your subscriptions)
- No financial covenants like debt/equity ratio, debt/ebitda ratios, Security covers, Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) etc.
- No operational covenants (leading to event of default) in case operations of the business go below certain thresholds etc.
- No operational hassles of taking consents for changing a director etc.

Still have questions contact us.

How much does it cost to get started with Recur Club?

Joining Recur Club is free; it takes less than a 48 hours to sign up and accept a credit limit. Recur fees are charged only when you draw down capital.

How is the payout value for my revenue streams determined?

When you onboard with us, we give you a base price that is equivalent to the maximum discount offered by capital providers on our platform. This price improves as more investors are willing to buy your cash flow streams based on the health and performance of your business. Your price also improves over time as you build a history and grow your company with Recur Club.

How is my financing limit determined?

Recur provides you customized financing limits based on your historical financial and operational performance. Once you start financing on the Recur platform, we evaluate your account constantly, so your limit grows as you grow your business. Building financing history is the key to increasing your limit over time.

Is there a limit on the capital I can raise on Recur Club?

Recur Club is an ecosystem that allows you to harness the true potential of your future revenue streams.There is no cap on the maximum amount of financing you can get on Recur Club. We provide financing limits of up to 50% of your ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue).

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