asked questions

What is Recur Spark?

Recur Spark helps Indian MSMEs and Sole Proprietors with collateral-free business loans for MSMEs worth up to ₹50 lakhs with a single application.

How long does it take to get the cash in the bank?

You can get MSME loan offers with low interest rates within 10 minutes of data completion and receive the cash in your bank within 48 hours.

Is collateral required for Recur Spark?

No, we provide collateral-free financing through this loan offering.

What businesses is Recur Spark for?

It is suitable for all Indian MSMEs and Sole Proprietor Businesses across multiple industries like retail, food & beverage, transportation, etc.

What are Recur Spark's eligibility criteria?

Businesses with a minimum revenue of ₹10 Lakhs, operational for over a year, and have a cash runway of over 3 months. Check MSME loan eligibility by contacting a Recur Club expert.

How do I apply for Recur Spark?

Simply sign up on, link your GST with Recur, and get loan offers in 10 minutes.

What is Recur Swift?

Recur Swift is a business loan without collateral that works on cash flow discounting for the fast-paced world of high-growth startups.

Is collateral required for Recur Swift?

No, we provide an instant credit line of up to 30% of your revenue without any hidden charges or collateral.

What businesses is Recur Swift for?

It is tailored for high-growth startups across industries, especially SaaS companies in India, Tech Services, B2B Marketplaces, and many more.

What are Recur Swift’s business loan eligibility criteria?

Businesses should have at least 1 year of operations, a minimum annual revenue of INR 5 Cr and a cash runway of at least 3 months.

How do I apply for Recur Swift?

Simply apply at, link your financials to assess your business loan eligibility, and receive your term sheet in 48 hours.

Can I estimate how much capital I can raise with Recur Swift?

Yes, our 60-second calculator offers an instant funding potential estimate. Estimate your startup loan offer for new business here.

What is Recur Scale?

Recur Scale helps you discover, compare and select secured loan offers from over 100 trusted institutional lenders in India.

Why should I choose Recur Scale for my financial needs?

Instead of chasing multiple lenders, fill just 1 application to receive multiple corporate loan offers from the most suitable lenders for your business.

What type of businesses is Recur Scale for?

It is built for matured businesses in SaaS, tech services, B2B marketplaces, D2C, EV, IoT, manufacturing, educational institutions and many more.

What types of loans can I get with Recur Scale?

Term loans, working capital loans, overdrafts, venture debt, bill discounting, cash credits, operating leases, vendor financing, bank guarantees, acquisition financing, PO financing and loans against property.

What are Recur Scale’s eligibility criteria?

Businesses should have a minimum annual revenue of ₹40 Crores, at least 6 months of runway, existing external debt no more than 40% of your ARR, and a minimum net worth of ₹4 Crores.

How do I apply for Recur Scale?

Simply sign up at, link your GST, upload your business' bank statements and receive offers from lenders suited for your business.