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Right now, the traditional financing options are slow with months of lead time before funding, cluttered with distracting diligence processes, stressful with multiple rounds of dilutive equity funding, costly with hidden transaction fees, and biased by lender’s lens.

Yet brilliant business ideas are everywhere and in need of a quick and seamless solution that accelerates their growth journey based on their business’ health. What if we could close this gap? This “what if” created Recur Club.

Recur Club works with a single obsession to empower founders to focus on their business as they scale. We partner with companies by unlocking fast, flexible, transparent and non-dilutive capital at every stage of their growth journey and provide an ecosystem to amplify their growth.
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Our Mission

We’re driven to overturn the status quo and create a more seamless future for finance. We’re focused on building products and services that fund growth for companies for expansion, marketing, or talent acquisition.

Our Vision

We believe simplifying funding opportunities can improve the health of businesses, level the playing field, and accelerate world changing ideas. Our vision is to build an ecosystem that amplifies growth for everyone, everywhere.

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Our Story

Your growth partners since 2021

Recur Club was founded by a diverse team of IIM’s, IIT’s, BITS, KJ Somaiya, and NSIT alumni. We are a team of passionate entrepreneurs with rich experience across private equity, fixed income, product management, technology, data science, analytics, and working with Leading SaaS companies and financial institutions in India and globally.

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team working on computer
team working on computer