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asked questions

What is Recur Club?

Recur Club is a debt marketplace where companies can easily get a business loan guided by a dedicated capital expert.

What are the different types of loans available on Recur Club?

Recur Club provides collateral free business loans for MSMEs, unsecured term loan for startups and secured loans for large companies.

Is my company eligible for getting a loan?

If your business has been operational for 3+ months, has a revenue of ₹10+ Lakhs, and has 3+ months of runway, it is ideal for Recur Club.

How can I raise capital with Recur Club?

Simply sign up, link your financial data and get a business loan within 48 hours of data completion.

Which sectors can raise capital with Recur Club?

Recur Club funds various sectors like SaaS, Tech Services, B2B Marketplaces, D2C, Health Tech, E-commerce, EV, Manufacturing, and many more.

Does Recur Club fund companies with operations outside India?

Yes, Recur Club provides debt capital to companies operating outside India if their cost centres are in India.