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What is
Recur Scale?

Recur Scale helps companies discover, compare, and select secured debt offers from India's marquee institutional lenders.

Unlock up to  ₹100 Crores by securing your corporate loan offer today.

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Engineered for Entrepreneurs

₹14 Cr
Capital Funded
Aanan Khurma
₹13 Cr
Capital Funded
Deepesh Agarwal
₹55 L
Capital Funded
Nikhil Hegde
Co-Founder & CEO
6 Degrees

Asked questions

What is Recur Scale?

Recur Scale helps you discover, compare and select secured loan offers from over 100 trusted institutional lenders in India.

What type of businesses is Recur Scale for?

It is built for matured businesses in SaaS, tech services, B2B marketplaces, D2C, EV, IoT, manufacturing, educational institutions and many more.

What are Recur Scale’s eligibility criteria?

Businesses should have a minimum annual revenue of ₹40 Crores, at least 6 months of runway, existing external debt no more than 40% of your ARR, and a minimum net worth of ₹4 Crores.

Why should I choose Recur Scale for my financial needs?

Instead of chasing multiple lenders, fill just 1 application to receive multiple corporate loan offers from the most suitable lenders for your business.

What types of loans can I get with Recur Scale?

Term loans, working capital loans, overdrafts, venture debt, bill discounting, cash credits, operating leases, vendor financing, bank guarantees, acquisition financing, PO financing and loans against property.

How do I apply for Recur Scale?

Simply sign up at, link your GST, upload your business' bank statements and receive offers from lenders suited for your business.