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Get an instant credit line of up to 30% of your annual revenue with our collateral free loans. Unlock more capital as your business grows.
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Instant Credit Lines for new age startups which could not access debt capital from traditional sources earlier.

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What is
Recur Swift?

Recur Swift is a modern form of cash flow discounting, built to empower new-age companies with an instant credit line.

Get up to 30% of your annual revenue today, with
Recur Swift’s collateral free business loan.

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Get Growth Capital
Without Equity Dilution
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Revenue: At least ₹5 Crores
Vintage: At least 1 year
Runway: More than 3 months
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Tech Services
Logistics Tech
Prop Tech
Ed Tech
Health Tech
Gen AI
Fintech & NBFC
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₹14 Cr
Capital Funded
Aanan Khurma
₹13 Cr
Capital Funded
Deepesh Agarwal
₹55 L
Capital Funded
Nikhil Hegde
Co-Founder & CEO
6 Degrees

asked questions

What is Recur Swift?

Recur Swift is a business loan without collateral that works on cash flow discounting for the fast-paced world of high-growth startups.

What businesses is Recur Swift for?

It is tailored for high-growth startups across industries, especially SaaS companies in India, Tech Services, B2B Marketplaces, and many more.

How do I apply for Recur Swift?

Simply apply at, link your financials to assess your business loan eligibility, and receive your term sheet in 48 hours.

Is collateral required for Recur Swift?

No, we provide an instant credit line of up to 30% of your revenue without any hidden charges or collateral.

What are Recur Swift’s business loan eligibility criteria?

Businesses should have at least 1 year of operations, a minimum annual revenue of INR 5 Cr and a cash runway of at least 3 months.

Can I estimate how much capital I can raise with Recur Swift?

Yes, our 60-second calculator offers an instant funding potential estimate. Estimate your startup loan offer for new business here.