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Why Banks Aren't a Startup’s Friend? And What You Should Do Instead!

We all know that in today's business world, where opportunity disappears quickly, securing the right type of capital at the right time is crucial. It's crucial to make an informed choice that empowers your business to grow without burdening you with stringent investor requirements. 

That’s where Recur Swift comes in. 

  • Recur Swift is a financial service designed specifically for high-growth startups. 
  • Unlike traditional financing that relies on past financials and assets, Recur Swift offers revenue-based financing. 
  • This means they analyze a startup's future potential by examining metrics such as churn rate, runway, and revenue growth. 
  • By focusing on cash flow and forward-looking data, Recur Swift aims to provide funding to startups that traditional institutions might overlook. 

In essence, Recur Swift values everything traditional financing institutions don't. 

Traditional Bank Loans

  • Traditional bank loans are a common form of financing for businesses, but for startups, they can be a tough nut to crack. 
  • These loans involve borrowing a fixed amount of money from a bank, which you repay with interest over a set period.
  • These institutions often get stuck in the past, basing their decisions on a startup's limited financial history and physical assets. 
  • This focus on a startup's assets rather than its potential to grow can stifle young companies with innovative ideas.  

While this structure offers stability and clear terms, it often comes with stringent requirements and processes that can be a hurdle for young companies.

Recur Swift vs Traditional Banks

You must typically provide extensive documentation, including business plans, financial statements, credit history, and collateral. Recur Swift is more inclusive and accessible for startups with an eligibility criteria of >1 year of operations, annual revenue of >₹5 Cr and a cash runway of >3 months.

While bank loans have advantages (like competitive interest rates), traditional bank loans are simply not designed for the fast-paced and unpredictable world of building a new startup from the ground up. This is essentially why 99% of startups fail to access funds from banks. 

Recur Swift offers a more accessible, flexible, and rapid financing option for startups. It eliminates the need for collateral and provides dilution-free capital, allowing you to focus on your business's growth and innovation. 

So, as you look for sources to fund your working capital gaps, address marketing expenses, or optimize customer acquisition costs, reach out to Recur Club capital expert here.

Pragya Pokhriyal